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    Reporting on NTA application traffic through separate routers over time with graphs, separated in months.


      I've been tearing my hair out (all the of it is gone on my head, now just ripping out my beard) trying to find a method of querying the Netflow Database in a reasonable way to show the monthly top 50 applications through a certain set of routers with our PE's.


      We're looking for spikes in certain activity, trying to compare between the routers and  three circuits and find the oddities.


      Our NTA environment is Orion Platform 2015.1.3 , NTA 4.1.1


      Since the data in Netflow is now stored in a flat file, and the old NTA report-writer methods are obsolete, I've tried using the Web-Based reporting engine, but its simply too much for it and it times out.


      I know I can create something through the Netflow web console, but I need a more robust report that can be generated to show the averages for each month on each circuit to see what traffic is rising the most.


      Any ideas?