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    Bouncing Nodes Alert - Down X times in X minutes


      Supposedly there is now a way to alert on nodes that are bouncing?  Any ideas on how this would be done?  We are not actually firing any alerts on these because they happen so quickly, but want to alert if a node is down x times in x minutes? 

      I like alexslv  report - but since these don't have actual email alerts associated with them - they wouldn't be caught - and we want to be more proactive than a report on these nodes anyway.  Repetitive Email Alerts (Noise) - MUST HAVE REPORT!!!

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          Ye, I can see your problem here. This is what I would do


          First of all I would reduce frequency of the Node Down alert check. I don't remember what is a bottom line threshold, but I think it is about 15 seconds. So, in your case you would pick up few of those for sure. Just a word of caution though, 15 seconds with large amount of nodes might not be enough for actual script to run against all of them. I would probably go for 30 instead.


          Second, I would probably create a report which would pull out all such events across all nodes. Might need some fiddling with data aggregation to make it useful and visual though


          Third, I would setup Reboot alert, which would notify me of an up time change when this happens


          Last thing is to remember that SolarWinds is not a real-time monitoring tool ... Well, just saying

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