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    FTP Voyager Client supported protocol


      Hello All,


      FTP Voyager client current free Version does not support TLS 1.2

      Is there any paid version of FTP Voyager client which can support TLS 1.2 ?


      Thank you.

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          umateli, with my limited Google researching, I was not able to find any evidence that FTP Voyager uses TLS 1.2.  Here on the SolarWinds site, I see that the MFT Server supports TLS, but the page doesn't say which version(s) of TLS (but that's a server, not a client, so probably doesn't apply to your case).  So, the short answer to your question appears to be "Not yet."

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              Thanks roger_that.

              I have upgraded FTP Voyager client to current free Version but then it didn't worked. When again enabled TLS 1.0 it starts working.

              For PCIDSS compliance standards TLS 1.2 should be in use. How can we tackle this if I want to use FTP Voyager client only? I have jobs configured on it so I cant migrate to other client that easily. Hence, if any paid version available for FTP Voyager that I can support TLS 1.2 it would be great.