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    "Unreachable on configured port" error: VMAN timeout adjustment?


      We have a client located in a mountain region where the only internet connectvity is available is a satellite link. We communicate to their site through a Site to Site VPN tunnel and they have ridiculous latency; as of right now it takes an average of almost 1300 MS for a ping to reach from my network to their firewall LAN and back. I'm trying to add an ESXi host to VMAN and I keep getting an error reading "<ip address> is unreachable on its configured port. Please validate the host information and try again."


      I have validated the host information-many times, and in fact once I got lucky enough that the validation worked (the latency must have dropped just enough to connect for an instant) and I know it's not a firewall blockage because the VPN tunnel allows all traffic. We have many clients set up this way using the same equipment and configurations on both ends and this is the only one behaving this way, so after troubleshooting I've come to the conclusion that the latency is what's causing the problem. Is there any way to make an adjustment to VMAN's timeout settings, either by specfic node-which I would prefer-or even globally?


      Or is it possible that I'm incorrect and something else is causing the problem? Because I don't know what else it could be.


      Anyone else ever run into this issue?