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    Web Help Desk "managers" view


      I have a question about WHD clients and who can be allowed to see what.  Given the sample organization I've mocked up, I want to know if it is possible to setup WHD to allow an Organizational "top down" view of tickets.  That is to say, I'd like to know if I can setup WHD to allow the following:

      • CEO can see all tickets (Orange and Blue)
      • Jane (the Line 1 Manager) can see all the Orange tickets.  Any ticket created by
        • Jess
        • Jim
        • John
      • Bob (the Line 2 Manager) Can see all the Blue tickets.  Any ticket created by
        • Barb
        • Betty
        • Bill
      • If possible, I'd like the manager to be picked up from the AD field for manager.  (Manual assignment is not a deal breaker.)
      • Ideally I'd like to have another level in addition to the ones shown in "Sample Org"


      I know client admin roles let me show tickets of specific types to anyone assigned to a specific CAR, but our ticket types are not divided by "Line", they are by type (Application, Printer, MAC, etc.)

      Anyone have an idea about how to do this please?