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    Internet Proxy???


      I am trying to setup the Remote Support software and see a lot about the Internet Proxy, but can't find it anywhere.


      There is documentation telling me how to set it up, but I can't find it to install it.


      Where do I get it? Does anyone know?

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          Hey rprosenhamer,


          The DRS Internet Proxy is included in the central server installation file, I would however recommend putting the Proxy in your DMZ.

          Just Download the Central Server installer from your Customer portal.

          Hope this helps.

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              Ok, I have that installed now and have the proxy up and online.


              I have the computer registered and it shows in the console as online.

              When I try to connect to the computer showing online through the proxy I get an error that 'No such host is known'.


              I checked the firewall in the test machine and it was good. I've even turned it off and it still doesn't work.


              Am I missing something?