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    Config Change Report Shows ENTIRE Config File




      A few months ago I updated to NCM 12.1 from an older version (where NCM was still a seperate client application).  Once thing that has changed is this:


      We have a weekly report that gets created that shows all config changes over the past 7 days.  The report is generated and e-mailed to me every Sunday.  Prior to the upgrade, the config change report only showed the lines that changed (lines that were added, removed, or modified in the past 7 days).  Now, after the upgrade, if there is a change to a device, it shows me the WHOLE stinking config file.  So I have to scroll through a ton of white space to find what actually changed, also it's blowing up my inbox with much larger files.


      Is there a setting I can change to get it back to the good old days when I only saw what changed?