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    Unmanaged interface #xxxxx


      I'm seeing quite a lot of messages below in solarwinds, and we can't find the root cause of it.


      NetFlow Receiver Service [INPNSSOLPOL01] is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface '#1712' on shanghai-o-w-wan.net.plm.eds.com and it does not support SNMP. Click the "Add this interface" to manage interface and process its flow data.


      What we already did and find out!


      I have multiple netflow collectors, we are seeing this issue from 4 netflow collectors. If i'm sending netflow to my collector in Emea i don't have any issues.

      All my solarwinds servers are in a DMZ behind checkpoint firewalls.

      Because i can send netflow to a netflow collector that is working i'm quite sure it isn't the router. but we can't find another issue.


      Does anyone has a tip where to look?

      We are thinking on the firewall, but we don't know what it could be on the firewall.