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    Initial setup Virtualization Manager Data Collector 7.1


      I am new to VMAN and currently struggling to get past the Solarwinds Data Collector configuration wizard. What is the Solarwinds Virtualization Manager Server Address ? Is this the orion server or the appliance i have tried both and it comes back stating could not find Solarwinds virtualization manager server at the address. Help!

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          Are you trying to integrate the VMAN appliance with Orion?  If so you should be adding the IP address of the appliance.

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            you most probably meant this configuration screen, right?


            this is federated collector for VMAN appliance, so you will have to connect it with VMAN Appliance (not with Orion).

            Are you sure that connection is allowed? Are you able to ping this collector from VMAN? (log into VMAN Appliance via SSH2 and try to ping collector IP), there could be firewall in the path or something.


            Then you can add your data-sources to VMAN Appliance and let them poll via Collector (so you will save some VMAN resources, but if you don't have big environment, you don't need Collector and VMAN Appliance could handle it by itself).


            Then you can VMAN Appliance integrate with your Orion, and data will be flowing from VMAN Appliance to VIM in Orion.

            This is screen where you could enable integration VMAN <-> VIM. Here you will again fill VMAN Appliance IP.