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    WPM is alerting false positives


      Hi, We are using WPM 2.2.1 version and as per the recommendation by SW , we have limited the number of URL's per player under 50. But here comes the issue, post the addition we started getting false positives. Have tried many ways in clearing the issue but it was not resolved.

      Currently, the playback interval is 10 min for some and 60 min for some. Warning & Critical thresholds are 61 & 50.

      Is there any check list to be made in finalizing all required stuff should be installed on a recorder or a player before we recording the transaction ?

      Also, when the transaction is recorded it is playing very well but after assigning the player we start getting false alerting. So as a remediation step, we have added that recording to all the player location to find the right one but all are emiting false alert. Could someone please suggest on how to resolve it ?

      A couple of days back we are asked to install Hotfix 2 for WPM 2.2.1 as they have  seen some JavaScript issues. But even this did not resolved the issue.




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          Hi Pavan, what do you mean by false alerts? A website is up when WPM is reporting it as down?

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            smoked_angus is right what are the exact type of false positive you are seeing.  I've used WPM myself some and have a small active license for it.

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              Sounds like it could be a bug then maybe since smoke_angus has the same problem.

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                Hi Pavan, I had our Windows team (our instance of WPM is hosted on WIN2012) change the permissions of the SEUM uses to local_admin so they would have routine access to the (company internal & 1 or 2 public facing) websites we monitor. "False" alerts have significantly decreased! I don't have a metrics number, but I would say they have been reduced by 80%.

                Hope this works for you, and  your team is able to change permissions on the WMP node.

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                    What we are seeing is on no real pattern transactions will go "unknown", when this happens we have alerts setup to fire on the transaction monitors, so we fire false positives.  We can't go into production in this state.  smoked_angus I did add the SEUM users to the local admin group on the player server, testing that change now.  <<< Development recommended this change as well, btw.


                    Is anyone having success with simple to complex transaction monitors with corresponding alerts??????




                    Alert Trigger


                    I want to alert on: Transaction Step



                    Transaction Status 'is not equal to' Up


                    Transaction [Name (Recording)] is equal to [Name of Transaction]



                    We have an escalated case open 1192933 that has now been escalated to development.

                    * We are running WPM 2.2.1 HF3

                    * We are running on all "new" powerhouse Dell Servers, we are running our players on our pollers [8].

                    * We are running the latest available core code Orion Platform 2017.1.3 SP3

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                    Hi Pavan,

                    We have been having the same issue (and other similar) since we started using the product and not having any luck finding a fix.

                    Recordings work fine, playing the transaction in the recorder works fine, testing works fine, but eventually the transactions start intermittently failing. Have tried moving the transactions to different players and some work fine for a while and then start playing up, others start playing up straight away, there doesn't seem any pattern to it, apart from the fact it is only some transactions that do it.

                    Will be good to see if you find any resolution to this.

                    I have my fingers crossed that the next update that has been announced may help fix some of these issues.

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                        Hey Guys,


                        I haven't seen any update notification i assume it has not been announced yet correct?

                        My question here is that we have a dedicated server for player location.

                        6 CPU 8 gig of ram.


                        We have 15 Recordings playing on this server.

                        We see CPU spikes on the WPM server... we are trying to determine why other than it correlates with transaction playback times.

                        Is there a best practice as to how many recordings should be played from one server?? i cant find it in the admin guide.

                        We added more Workers as well i think we are up to 12 worker accounts avail.


                        We are watching the Perf Counters on that server and we See no real correlation between agent load and the CPU... This server is dedicated just to WPM ...

                        We have a 100 licenses and we are wondering how one 6 cpu 8 gig server cant handle 15 recordings how can we actually use all our license without a million servers to deploy the player on????

                        I did open a case with Solarwinds so will also see what they say.


                        The Recordings are not complicated Login to OWA and log out, and some other recordings logging in clicking around and doing some verification.