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    Monitor phones withOUT VNQM


      I don't have VNQM - not going to be in the budget for a long time.


      as an experiment just wanted to see what happens if i monitor my own desk phone.


      we have thousands of Nortel 1140e IP phones with an Avaya logo on the front

      wanted to know if anyone has ever added a phone to just basic npm. do you have step by step instructions.


      how to find out if snmp is enabled on the phone? what version?

      what else is needed.


      the catch is... i dont have admin access to the avaya phone system (in case its needed)

      what are you able to monitor other than just up/down?


      phone has an ip and i can ping it

      avaya phone.jpg

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          What exactly are you wanting to monitor about the phone?  I know for Cisco IP phones, you can browse to the IP and get some basic config info, download logs look at a bunch of network stats, etc..


          Are you looking to monitor jitter? looking for a MOS score?


          I doubt Solarwinds has the mibs for the phone, but - see if you can browse to the device - maybe you can see if it supports snmp.