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    ISE Auth log tied into NPM


      In ISE you can go to Radius=>Live logs  and look at the authentication to see why a customer's wireless device can't connect (password, username, etc). 


      I think there has to be a way to have that ISE log of mac address authentications "dump" in to a screen in Orion for the helpdesk to look at if all of us engineering staff are busy/not available.  Right now the thought is we need to figure out a way to have the helpdesk get "read only" type access in ISE that can go to those logs however, due to the sensitive features ISE has it'd be great to just have a table or screen in Solarwinds.


      I'd do a screen shot of the log however it looks like some customers are using their password as their username again          


      BTW, Just got this duty of Solar winds administration 2-3 weeks ago so while I'm excited to do it...... I'm very ignorant of "how" to do more then very basic tasks so please forgive if this is a "duh" type of question.