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    How to unschedule a scheduled unmanage via SWIS


      Hello all,


      Thanks to the work of my fellow thwackers we have a SWIS-based script to schedule one-time unmanage windows.

      My users want to know if there is a way to use a script to find and cancel scheduled unmanage windows. (Future ones, of course.)

      I've brought up SWQL Studio and searched through the SWIS Verbs but I do not recognize any that would show such schedules, let alone cancel them.

      Yes, I know users can cancel through the Orion console, but when one has scheduled 20 devices for unmanaging and now need to undo that schedule it would help to be able to input the same list of devices through another script.


      Merci d'avance mesdames and messieurs,


      Joe Poutre

      BNP Paribas