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    Connect NPM to different Databases


      hello guys.

      I install two Solarwinds NPM on two different servers. Each server has own database (SQL Server 2012). I decide to integrate (combine or merge) two Databases on one server and force Solarwinds NPM to use from new Database. What is your suggesstion to perform this task? Can i move two databases on onother SQL Server and combine or merge them? What is your plan?

      Thanks a lot.

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          I would say this is about as close to 100% impossible


          The fact that each database has its own set of primary keys, but can have exactly the same primary keys as the other database would be the first issue.


          The tables in SW have many references to different tables as well utilizing those keys...plus you wouldn't be able to insert a duplicate key into the receiving DB


          IMO...I would absolutely not try and do this...at the worst, you would have one very broken database, at the best, you would have a bunch of very odd looking data

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            Yeah, like jxchappell says, you're not gonna be able to do this like you are saying because the primary key id's in various database tables of one instance would conflict with those same tables in your other instance.  There is however a Powershell script floating around (I believe it's on the Orion SDK GitHub page under the Samples section or maybe in the Power project section) for bringing elements from another Orion instance into your main Orion instance.  The script would take some tweaking obviously and I don't think it does application monitors and things like that, but it's about the closest to doing what you are asking for that you are gonna get.  Just do a google search for "Orion SDK Github" (without the quotes of course) and browse around in their repository.  You should stumble across it.  If you have trouble finding it let me know and I'll see if I can't try finding where it was I saw it.