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    Unknown Devices


      How can I correct an unknown device?


      For example;  I have 25 Cisco switches in my network.  15 have been correctly been identified, the remaining 10 servers remain unknown.  How can I discovery the last 10 devices.


      Dale B

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          Unknown means that solarwinds was not able to use the given SNMP creds to access the switches.  There may be ACL's or who knows what else jamming you up but you need to get that sorted out.  Once you do then just run a discovery against those ip addresses and solarwinds will update them to use SNMP for status instead of just pinging them and it will fix all the unknown bits.

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            if you test the credentials and they work, then you need to enable those snmp strings on the switches or have the network team do it for you.

            this should help.

            or you can always...

            Format C:\