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    Aruba Controllers Monitoring


      Hello all, anyone knows if we could monitor the Aruba controllers? We would like to see if the Solarwinds is capable of monitoring this device. The device is able to send SNMP traps to NPM but how can we create alerts from this traps?

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          What type of Aruba Controller? How complex an install? if you have a small number  (one)  controller and no redundancy in your Wireless architecture it might work OK.


          SolarWinds Orion NPM Aruba support for large installs is so weak that it is barely there

          1. is does not support active/passive failover

          2. it does not support active/active clustering

          3. it does not support handling Traps for AP status


          I've managed to fix many of these, but even now I have to truncate tables periodically to prevent the runaway data collection in Solarwinds.

          As an example NPM thinks we have 24119 AP -- whereas we only have 13,000, it also thinks we have had a total of 1,173,894 (yes, over one million) different thin AP on our controllers.


          product management will say 'yes we have Aruba  controller  support' but the caveats make it functionally useless for larger than a single-controller installs.



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