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    Solarwinds ODBC


      Can the connection string "Driver={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};" and the sql query

      FROM TABLE(MON_GET_TABLE('','',-1))

      be replaced not using ODBC, but being restricted to using

      DBD::mysql  DBD::Sponge  DBD::Proxy  DBD::Pg DBD::Gofer  DBD::File   DBD::DBM 


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          skenny wrote:


          DBI DBD::mysql DBD::Sponge  DBD::Proxy  DBD::Pg DBD::Gofer  DBD::File   DBD::DBM 



          I wouldn't think that a MySQL driver would work terribly well with a DB2 database?

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            Is this in relation to DPA or SAM? We don't usually see a driver specified in the connection string as we will use the one we ship with, but I can ask engineering if need be. I just need some clarification on where you are specifying this and in what product?

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              It sounds like you are trying to use the DB2 template for SAM.  Unfortunately, that template uses only the ODBC driver.  However, there is nothing stopping you from creating a custom template that would allow you to issue that query using DBD::DB2 using perl.