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    Dameware MRC Connection from Outside Work Domain


      Hi all,


      First time MRC user here. Our company would like to use MRC so some designers can work remotely on the weekends. Stupid question, but do I ABSOLUTELY need to use a VPN to access the MRC Centralized Server? To my understanding, I don't see a need for MRC if I am forced to use a VPN into our domain. I would just use Windows RDC as a free solution.

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          I've setup a rule in my firewall before to allow this. You'll need to get a your firewall admin to do this for you though because he'll need to setup a port on the firewall so that port gets forwarded to an internal IP address. The PC dameware client will need to match this port as well. Your remote client will then connect to your outside IP address using that port.


          Your firewall engineer will want to lock this down as much as he can, possibly by IP address, etc.

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