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    Send an alert when an interface goes over 50% of it's BW capacity in a specific period


      Hi again guys!

      Now I have a question for this group, we re receiving alerts in Solarwinds when an interface utilization reaches out more than 3Gbps (Possible or potential DDOS ).

      However, my boss wants it not to be that of an exact number, like in a percentage.

      Say for example instead of sending alerts when an interface utilizes 3Gbps above, he wants Solarwinds to send alert if the interface goes like 50% of it's total BW say in 10 minutes.


      By the way, the interface capacities differ on our devices.

      Hopefully someone can teach me on this, my boss I don't know selected me to help with this but I am new to Solarwinds though I used it before.