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    Network Configuration Manager


      Hi Thwack members.


      After years of using NPM, and loving it, I've added NCM to the tool box. It was installed today and began to test backing up an Avaya 2526. I didn't do anything more than use the wizard to set up the job but it fails. I found it failing using telnet to the switch and the requirement to enter CTRL-C to reach the logon screen.


      My questions surround adding or editing a script. I found the variable to add to a script that would perform the function but I don't understand the flow.


      1) Does the job come before any script execution?

      2) Is it the job that get's edited for this variable?

      3) If it is a script separate from the job, where can I find it? Are there examples on Thwack that can give me some idea of the progression of this tool called NCM?


      Any advice, direction, thoughts, suggestions, considerations are certainly welcome; good, bad, or indifferent.


      Thanks in advance to all.


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          Parker Robinson


          NCM is an excellent tool to have, and glad you are excited about it.  When you say "script", I think what you are referring to is what NCM calls "Device Template".  These templates hold the commands that NCM uses on the device when it creates a Telnet(or SSH) session during a config backup.  This SW knowledge base article explains NCM device templates very well:  NCM Device Command Templates - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          What I would do is go to Node Details view for that Avaya node and find the system OID in the "Node Details".  I have already checked the Device Templates that come with NCM and it does not come with a built in template for Avaya.  However, there are quite a few Avaya device templates on thwack.  Go to Settings > All Settings > NCM Settings > Under Advanced, select Device Templates. There is a tab labeled "SHARED TEMPLATES ON THWACK".  The device templates are named by model and OID.  Find the one that is an exact or closest match and import it.  If it isn't an exact match, edit the template using either the interactive wizard or the xml editor. 


          This is a good starting point and hope it helps.




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              I downloaded an Avaya template from Thwack that contained the following “command” set. Are these defined commands executed with every job? I’m assuming, correct me if I’m wrong, that each device that has this template attached will execute each of these commands, some of which may not be desirable. For example, I need to send ctrl+y to logon to my switches and then something that show and copy the running config.


              <!SolarWinds Network Management Tools>

              <!Copyright 2007 SolarWinds.Net All rights reserved>


                                            <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show $"/>                               <Command Name="UploadConfig" Value="$$$$$"/>                               <Command Name="DownloadConfigIndirect" Value="copy $ $ address $ filename $$"/>                               <Command Name="UploadConfigIndirect" Value="copy $ $ address $ filename $$"/>


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                  Parker Robinson

                  The show and copy the running config would be easy.  Just put the commands you use in the cli as variables.  Now, the "ctrl y" is a good question and not sure off the top of my head.  Hopefully someone can jump in about the possibility of that.  In the interim, i'll ask around and find an answer.


                  - Parker

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                    It's my understanding the template contains a set of command definitions that NCM will use to carry out the actions your jobs may need to do. So you would need to set each command to the appropriate command string for that device. For example if the command you execute for downloading a config is "show config all", then the template entry for that would look like;

                    <Command Name="DownloadConfig" Value="show config all"/>


                    That way NCM can issue the correct command for each action your jobs may request.