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    Need to send/receive notifications for any changes done on my Firewalls


      Hi Guys,

      Good day again.

      I am here to ask for an advice again from you.

      My boss asks me if it is doable on Solarwinds to send updates to specific email groups or emails regarding any changes done on specific devices.

      We have these Firewalls of a security team that we monitor in Solarwinds, then their Network architect is asking to send the updates for all the changes done on their FWs and asks if we can use the solarwinds.

      Actually based on my understanding on his ask about the Solarwinds, is that we extract the configurations or backups of the devices on specific dates, extract them and send it to them.

      But my manager asks if there can be like a script that can be run on Solarwinds which if in case configuration changes are deployed on the devices, it will automatically send updates on the e-mail specified.



      THanks so much for the help in advance.