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    Alert Management with averages as the values


      I am looking for some guidance, on how to do some alerting based off of averages.  Here is my issue:


      We have a set of Cisco devices, and we are using the standard hardware sensors to see temperature.  I want to get an alert if the temperature goes +10 degrees over the average.  I was looking through the Manage Alerts, but I am not seeing an easy way to do average +10 or something like that.


      I can do a value threshold, say 50, but I really want to only alert when it is over the average by a certain number.


      Since it is hardware sensor, I wasn't sure if there was a way with it or not.  I would think Alert Management would give some options related to this, without having to dive into the SWQL / SQL.


      I am on the latest NPM 12.1.


      Thanks in advance.