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      I have created an Alert, we have some 11 sites marked as critical sites, so whenever these sites bandwidth goes above 90% then we should get alert thru email, the alert should check every 15 minutes for these sites which I have added as properties with name "Tier1", I am getting alerts but the alerts were coming as URL which I didnt like, as I have to click each URL and then another page opens with one of critical site, so my requirement on the alert itself it should show the site name, bandwidth upload and download, can we get such alert

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          If I understand what you are looking for correctly, an easy fix would be to edit your "email action". It sounds like you'd like displayed what you have set already in your NetPerfMon Event Log action.


          So on the alert action mail to / and on the clear action I'd add the following text to the email:


          Interface ${NetObjectName} for node ${NodeName} has a received utilization of ${Interface.OutPercentUtil} which is greater than the threshold of 90%.


          That text is straight from your log action.

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              Thanks for the details, it is working fine I did this


              Node ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} interface ${N=SwisEntity;M=Name} Has Receive bandwidth of ${N=SwisEntity;M=InPercentUtil}  and transmit bandwidth ${N=SwisEntity;M=OutPercentUtil}