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    LAN based vs IP based - NTA Netflow


      We are working on NTA and we wanted to configure netflow on different types of devices (Cisco,Radware,HP).
      In my existing environment the CISCO switches licenses level is on lan based. We wanted to understand whether Solarwinds NTA is capable of supporting this scenario.

      What would be best recommendation to receive the Net flow data (IP based/LAN based)?
      Please advice.

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          Solarwinds is capable of receiving netflow data from all versions of Cisco.  The key question I think you have is if your cisco devices themselves support netflow and the best way to verify that is just to talk to your vendor.  For the most part switches do not support flow regardless of the license they have applied because netflow is a layer 3 technology, but there are some exceptions.

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            Parker Robinson

            Also, keep in mind that you want to enable Netflow on your Layer 3 switches or Routers.  In other words, wherever your network traffic gets routed.  The only time you would want to enable Netflow on a Layer 2 interface is if you have network traffic that never leaves its vlan.  If you have important traffic that stays in its vlan and never gets routed and you want to see in NTA, you would need to enable Netflow on that Layer 2 interface or vlan.