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    Events - Warning State (Member state)


      Hello Thwackers,


      I am having a rough time explaining to some peers on why some devices are appearing in a "warning state" as they are members from a group.

      The following screenshots give a better explanation.


      1) Events appearing as the node is a member state of a group.



      2) Drilled down, this is the only issue I could find pertaining to this node. Notice the timeline of 9:45am - 10:00am at 11.11% Packet loss.



      3) Thresholds is set to 30% when giving a "warning level" for packet loss.



      While drilled down specifically to this node, I could not find anything else pertaining to the event for the "warning state" of this device. any other hints I could look at?

      what am I missing? I have a couple colleagues inquiring on why some devices emit these events.


      Thanks much,



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          Can you change the graph to show only the 9:45 - 10 timeframe?

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              I am able to change the interval to 5 minutes which for some events being triggered has resolved my issue per the following:



              For this one the event was triggered at 4/13/2017 11:01AM

              at a 5 minute granularity, between 11:00AM - 11:05AM I was able to get it over 30% which is what our threshold is set to.


              I thought I figured it out by changing the interval to 5 minutes yet, 1 out of 5 events showed a trigger of only 25% in correlation to the exact timing an event was triggered.

              So I could not tell my peers I figured out why completely.



              Event Time:                9:59AM

              Packet Loss Time:     9:55AM - 10:00AM

              Packet Loss: 25%


              - WessenS