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    Creating Dependencies through Orion SDK


      Hello @Tdanner,


      I'm currently using Powershell to create dependencies using groups created through REST. Are there any plans (or any other method) to allow the creation of dependencies through REST?

      I prefer using REST as I get a response which is much easier to rely on from an automation standpoint. I've tried using firebug (web development tool) to watch for any HTTP POSTs going on in the background, I even tried to put the information services in debug to see what was going on behind the scenes and no dice. I did find this however:


      2017-04-13 08:50:12,740 [45] DEBUG SolarWinds.InformationService.Core.IndicationLogger - (null) (null)  Indication System.InstanceCreated reported:

        Source instance properties:

          DependencyId = 247011

          Name = testsite(TEST) WAN Devices dependency

          ParentUri = swis://MYORIONINSTANCE/Orion/Orion.Groups/ContainerID=536

          ChildUri = swis://MYORIONINSTANCE/Orion/Orion.Groups/ContainerID=537

          AutoManaged = False

          ParentEntityType = Orion.Groups

          ParentNetObjectID = 536

          ChildEntityType = Orion.Groups

          ChildNetObjectID = 537

          InstanceType = Orion.Dependencies

          Uri = swis://MYORIONINSTANCE/Orion/Orion.Dependencies/DependencyId=247011


      Looks similar to the values being used in powershell - wondering if I can REST as outlined in the Orion SDK "Create Request" =  https://localhost:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/Json/Create/Orion.Dependency ??


      Thank you,