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    List of Request Types


      I'm just setting up Web Help Desk for my organization and would like to get a list of Request Types that I can share with management for input / changes, but I don't see an easy way to compile a list of all types / subtypes.  Am I just missing something simple?


      Thank you!

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          If you're technically inclined, you can pull a list from the WHD API:

          Web Help Desk REST API Guide


          I can do a really simple SQL query to dump out a list, but the problem there is that it doesn't show the Parent->Child relationships...so i need to write a better SQL query.       If i have some time i'll look at that.

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            Alternatively, if you have back-end access to the database, you could query your Service Catalog directly.
            We use a workbook (connected via ODBC) that reads the database directly...so this gives us a slicer-capable and filterable Service Catalog that is always up-to-date:


            I hope this helps!

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              Hello Gie,


              I was looking for a similar list. I am not so familiar with databases so I was looking for a different way. This is what I had done:


              1. Open Reports
              2. Choose or create a standard report (actually doesn't matter which one)
              3. Go to "Report Filters" tab
              4. Click on "New"
              5. Filter Attribute chose "Request Type"
              6. Highlight all Request Types
              7. Copy it into Word document
              8. Format

              The process takes for me 5 minutes (but it depends on how I want to format the output). The formatting is working quite well. The last document was 13 pages long and included all our Request Types nicely sorted.


              I know it is not the most elegant way, but it works for me.




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                Thank you all for your help & suggestions.  I got pulled off into other areas, but am getting back to this now & will try your suggestions!