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    How to backup NCM itself?


      Field tech here (customer limits play time) and I've setup a couple dozen switches for nightly config backups, but how do I backup NCM itself? If the NCM program/s or server blows blue smoke and has to be completely reinstalled, how do I backup all of NCM settings, profiles, scheduled jobs, etc. It was installed by the customer and appears to have SQL 2014 on that server, but I read several articles here and they don't have management studio or any option to easy breezy right click and backup as mentioned. I'm thinking each Solarwinds product can have a way to back itself up?

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          jblowerytc Backing up the database, directly, is the best way to go. SQL Server Management Studio should be free, so it should not be an issue to acquire. As long as you have the proper credentials to access, and backup, the db server from SSMS, you should be good to go.


          Otherwise, I suppose you could manually export the "main" NCM tables from SWQL studio, or SSMS for that matter, and then manually rebuild them... But that is most likely the worst way to do it, other than handwriting all of the settings on a notepad, and the typing them back in, one at a time.



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