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    Creating new Clients- but random password is sent encrypted?

    stoopid it

      When I create new client accounts, and send them email notifications with randomly generated passwords, they get "******" in the email, so they can't log in.  I then have to manually reset their password, which sends them a second email where the password is in the clear.  This seems totally outrageous to me, and according to Solarwinds:

      This is a known bug and currently being worked on by our developers. As a work around, you need to modify the new user email template with a note telling people to use the password reset function to generate a new email with a visible password.

      Is anyone else dealing with this issue?  It seems like a real deal-breaker, and would be a high priority for a hot-fix.  I've found this a few months ago, and still no remedy, other than an email template workaround.


      Please help if you've figured out a solution.

      Solarwinds New Client Password Bug Cropped.png



      Client Password Reset Unmasked Cropped.png