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    How secure is your VMAN?


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          Security aside, I had a ticket open with support on a different issue.  I was told that the issue was a limitation of the current OS.  They stated that that they were working on a future release on an updated OS.  However, support wasn't allowed to tell me how far along they were in releasing the new version / OS.

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            We have a beta build which is nearing release with CentOS 6 that I can provide you access with when it become available. 

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                I basically need this Centos 6 version .. even if in beta .. ASAP. Our internal security scanners have detected vulnerabilities that I'm tasked with fixing .. and right now with Centos 5.11 being end-of-life .. I have no options. If I can't get this from Solarwinds .. then I will have to hold off on our next upgrade to VMan (75-150 host/sockets) since I can't see us investing more money in an appliance with CentOS 5.11 under it.