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    Create report for 3rd Party Patches


      Is there a way to run a report on just 3rd Party Patches?

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          So, if you have configured a WSUS Inventory task to pull info from the WSUS server periodically:

          Yes, you can run some reports that are filtered to only show data for 3rd party updates.



          What we are going to do is add a field called Update Source to the " filter criteria" section (and optionally to the "fields to include" section).   This will let us focus the report only non-Microsoft updates.


          For a starting point with that, I would:


          1. Go to the Reporting -> WSUS Reports -> Windows Server Update Services Analytics folder. and select the update called Computer Update Status Approved Updates
          2. Choose the option to Edit & Schedule it (you'll get an option to rename the copy we're making before you save it).
          3. If you hover over any of the fields in the top section you'll see that they are all in the "Computer Update Status" datasource.   This is a problem because the field that we want to filter on (Update Source) is not included in that datasource...and Patch Manager really wants any given report's fields to all be from the same datasource.

            So, to make it work we are going to have to click each field that is listed there in the report definition and select the same field from the " Computer Update Status with Details" datasource instead.  You'll have to do this for any fields listed in the "filter criteria" section at the bottom as well.   Be sure and remember that the condition you need to put back on the Update Approval Action filter is "equals" and the value "0".
          4. Once you have changed all the other fields to be from the 'proper' datasource, we'll add a line in the filter criteria section at the bottom.   We'll choose this field from the same  "Computer Update Status with Details" datasource as the others.  The field we want to add is Update Source and it should be set to "does not equal" and have MicrosoftUpdate as the value.   The definition of the report should look something like the screenshot below.
          5. Optionally, you can add the same Update Source field to the top section so that it gets displayed in the report results, if desired.
            report for 3rd party only.png
          6. Once you have that all defined and click Next, you'll get a chance to rename the report to whatever name you'd like to provide and then you can Save it or Save and Run Now.
          7. The result should looks something like this:
            report for 3rd party only - results.png


          For comparison, here is the same report without that filter that we added; you can see that this version of it still has the Microsoft updates in it (they show with an Update Source of "MicrosoftUpdate"):

          report for 3rd party only - results no filter.png


          (apologies if those screenshots are a bit blurry/small, but you should be able to see that there are columns for domain, update server name, update title, computer name, update approval action, update installation state, and update source.)