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    Compliance Policy Report for multiple vendors.




      I was wondering if there is a way that NCM could be used to create one report to check the compliance of all switches to company rules?


      Seeing as our network has a mix of Cisco and HP switches, my first thought was that there'd have to be at least one set of rules defined for each vendor because they have different config formats.

      So then that would be a report with the policy rules for HP devices and those nodes selected, and another report with the policy rules for Cisco devices and those nodes selected.

      Is this the case?


      Or is it possible to have one report that has two policies, each with their own vendor specific rules?

      My supervisor would prefer to only have to check / generate one compliance policy report instead of multiple so I'm trying to find out if that's possible.


      I'm pretty new to NCM and am still finding my way around it all so all help is appreciated.