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        The only thing that is done is a new DNS record is created for the virtual hostname which points to the IP address of the active member of the pool. When a failover occurs, the DNS entry is updated to point to the new active member in the pool. It's fairly straightforward.

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          yes it is straight forward but the customer m dealing with needs a documentation.. i have raised a case for this... lets see what i get from support...

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            Another option that may work for you and works for us since my previous post:


            Deploy the primary poller with a HA node in an alternate DC using multi subnet failover

            Deploy an additional poller in each DC


            All the polling workload is on the additional pollers and the primary poller is in essence just a brain, this meant the requirement to update DNS for us goes away, in the primary pool configuration the DNS name and DNS server are dummy records meaning we don't touch DNS servers or have to worry about permissions.


            We are running SQL Always on across the two DC's and have a process defined to update the polling engine ID in the event of a DC failure.

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              So you are saying not to have application level failover but instead go with Windows level OR any other level of failover mechanism?


              Although i didnt get your point on usage of APE here.

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                Are there any use cases available of folks using F5 load balancer for Solarwinds HA? And does this require Solarwinds to be Active- Active mode?

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                  David Smith

                  Hi pratikmehta003 The suggestion is that a workaround for MultiSubnet HA without DNS would be to add an Additional Polling Engine in each of the two HA locations which has HAwith VIP. You then send all traps, Syslog, net flow etc to the Additional poller VIP rather than the Primary DNS.


                  This does require a lot more spend as you would need 2 x APE license and 2 x HA license on top of what you already have.

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                    Ah, I see.. but this won't work out for us at the moment


                    I am trying to convince the customer to use the solution available from

                    solarwinds and also provided them email from support stating what exactly

                    the account does while configuring HA and it doesn't have ant impact..


                    but still not successful, will try to make them understand by giving step

                    by step procedure and hopefully they agree...


                    We have already bought HA license and customer is proposing to use F5 but

                    that again might require two active instances as per what I have



                    On Thu, Jun 28, 2018, 1:17 PM dgsmith80

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                      David Smith

                      SolarWinds doesn't support an Active/Active HA solution. The HA is a Primary / Standby setup with the ability to select a preferred active primary. There are some ways around the DNS such as Load balance etc. Sadly I don't have enough experience with F5 to inform you of the best way to configure them for use with an Active/Standby solution such as SolarWinds. Hopefully, someone else in the community can contribute to that for you.

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                        Not a prob Smith. I am checking on the process of F5 as well... Let's see

                        if I do something positive then will post it here...


                        On Thu, Jun 28, 2018, 2:09 PM dgsmith80

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                          Many Orion HA customers utilize Load Balancers in lieu of a virtual hostname. HA is still active/passive. The Load Balancer simply watches to see which server is 'alive' (usually through health checks) and directs traffic to the active member.

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                            So if F5 is used then do we still need HA configuration to be done at

                            application level?


                            On Fri, Jun 29, 2018, 12:42 AM aLTeReGo

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                              Absolutely! HA is the heart of what makes the redundancy possible. The virtual hostname and/or VIP are simply convenience features for those customers who don't own or don't have access to a load balancer in their environment. Redirection is only a very small part of what HA provides.

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                                The scenario m currently in is:


                                Customer is not ready to provide access to DNS for configuring solarwinds

                                in HA. So in this case how will the load balancer work without HA config in



                                They also mentioned that, to use F5 methodology, solarwinds should be in

                                active active mode.


                                So I tried to explain from all angles but they did not get my point and

                                hence I thought of checking with folks here as to how are they utilizing F5.


                                On Fri, Jun 29, 2018, 12:57 AM aLTeReGo

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                                  There is absolutely zero requirement for a load balancer an Active/Active pair. You need to think of an Active/Passive relationship as what happens when a member in a load balanced cluster fails. The only difference here is that's normal behavior for one member of the pool to be in a 'down' state. If they frontended two web servers with a load balancer and one web server failed, the whole website wouldn't become completely unavailable. In that same scenario if the load balancer is configured properly, 50% of the connections wouldn't fail either. 100% of the traffic would be redirected to the surviving member. This is also how Active/Passive pairs are handled when frontended by a load balancer.

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                                    So If I understand correctly, I still need HA config at solarwinds level to

                                    be configured? The reason I am again and again referring to is because we

                                    have both solarwinds servers in different subnet and which means we need to

                                    use virtual hostname.if it was VIP then I think it wouldn't have been much

                                    of a prob.


                                    So on top of this the F5 config will sit, am I right in understanding?

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                                      Yes, Orion High Availability would be required regardless of whether the servers are on the same or different subnets, if a load balancer is used or isn't, and if a virtual hostname or a VIP is used. A load balacner will not be able to failover the Orion server to the secondary server. Nor will it be able to determine if the Orion server has lost connectivity to the SQL database server, has run out of free disk space, a service has crashed, etc. etc. etc.. The load balancer able to tell you if the website (IIS) is up and serving pages, but that's really about it.

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                                        We are looking at developing the HA Solution and this page is a great place to start. 


                                        aLTeReGo - The level of "You Rock!" you have obtained has exceed all known measures of numeric functioning and accounting!!!

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                                          Perfect! This is what I was trying to arrive at...


                                          Thanks a lot for all the inputs...you clarify it with complete details....


                                          On Fri, Jun 29, 2018, 11:38 PM aLTeReGo

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                                            I am planning to deploy the HA pair in Azure using availability sets and i can't use VIP in azure, is it possible to use Multi Subnet HA if both the nodes are in same subnet because i wanted to use the DNS functionality to failover and not the VIP method?

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                                              You will need to have each Orion server in their own separate subnet if you plan to use a virtual hostname exclusively. Unfortunately, Virtual IPs will not work in a cloud environment and they are required for same-subnet deployments of HA.

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                                                Does an HA license also make that HA server act as an Orion Web front end server?


                                                I was told today that my second HA box is a replica of the Primary polling engine, and will automatically become a web server with IIS on it. This doesn't seem plausible to me.


                                                I'm thinking I need a web server license for HA, correct?


                                                We want to provide redundancy obviously for the web front end. We need more than just an HA license I'm assuming.



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                                                  The secondary server in a main HA pool will serve the Orion web interface when a failover occurs and it becomes the 'active' member. The secondary member's web interface is only available when its the 'active' member.

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                                                    Thank you kind sir!

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                                                      Can you please clarify the licensing when HA is being used - Do I need to buy 2 NPM licenses and one HA license or do I just need one NPM and one HA license? My initial understanding was that I only need the HA license as the topology is Active / Passive and the second node is only used when the primary node is down.





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                                                        You only need 1 NPM license (or 1 of any other Solarwinds module license you plan on using with HA) and 1 HA license (per pool). The HA license makes the 2nd poller, in the HA pool, standby. So in my environment, I have 1 MPE, and 2 APEs. I have 1 license for each module we use, and 2 APE licenses. Because I have 3 polling engines, I have 3 HA pools, so therefore 3 HA license, but still only 1 license for NPM, SAM, etc.


                                                        Hope that helps!

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