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    Resources: CPU


      DPA has the following four categories of CPU monitors and their default settings, which I have listed in what I believe to be an order from "outer" to "inner":


      MetricCriticalWarningChart Type
      Host CPU Usage80+60-80Area
      VM CPU Usage (MHz)Area
      VM CPU Usage80+60-80Area
      O/S CPU Utilization90+80-90Column
      Instance CPU Utilization80+70-80Column


      Why the difference in naming between Usage and Utilization? Why the different chart types?


      Why don't the Critical and Warning levels seem to logically progress? I would expect that we would alert on progressively lower percentages as we progress from "outer" to "inner". The O/S has things other than the Instance that can be using CPU (and there can be more than one Instance). The VM has some overhead, so it would be reasonable to expect that value to always be slightly higher than the value for O/S. Yet that doesn't seem to be reflected in the default settings.


      The Host value includes the CPU usage for all of its guest VMs as well as its total CPU capacity (some of which may not be assigned to any VM), so that may have no relationship at all to the other three metrics. I therefore listed it for completeness (and naming comparison) but don't feel it can truly be considered part of an "outer" to "inner" progression in the same way the others can.


      The display order of the charts also seems strange to me, not really showing the progression I described, and neither grouping charts for the VM together nor grouping the charts for the Signal Waits together (Signal Wait time is off the image but would appear at the bottom left if the image was taller):


      There is no feature that would let us rearrange the order of the charts either globally or for a particular instance (although there is a feature request for that: Change the (order of the) colors in the charts).


      There must be a reason for these various design decisions, but the pattern doesn't seem obvious to me. Does anyone have any thoughts on all this?

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          Good questions as always. A few notes that might help some on the discussion of this item.


          1) Why the different chart types? The charts are some less consistent if you have on "show baselines" above them and it looks like you do have that selected in your screen shots. Some of the charts change if you select it  change to help make the baseline more visible. That only really applies to some of the charts but, is worth a mention.

          Here is a link on baselines that helps some on that feature. Metric baselines - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

          2) These two items quoted below on name and order could be altered in the XML.

          I don't have a good answer on Utilization and Usage. If you read this link it helps on the XML layout. DPA Database Metrics Architecture - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

          "Why the difference in naming between Usage and Utilization?

          "The display order of the charts also seems strange to me, not really showing the progression I described."


          To change the names I think you could just edit the "display name" "

          Display Name

          Used in chart titles

          N/A: required

          To change the order you would add the Category Order item to the XML.

          Category Order

          Used for intra-category ordering for chart display (integer)


          Note: The path to the XML for the performance side metrics and VM metrics is some different and some of the metrics on this page are in the VM XML and some are in the default-metrics-XML

          [DPA HOME] /iwc/tomcat/webapps/iwc/WEB-INF/classes/resources/metrics

          sub vphere folder of [DPA HOME] /iwc/tomcat/webapps/iwc/WEB-INF/classes/resources/metrics/vsphere

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              Thanks for the detailed response.


              1) So this is apparently an artifact of not having baseline support for the VM/Host metrics. When baselines are being displayed, why not change the chart types for all the charts whether they actually display a baseline or not? It would keep the charts consistent with each other. Of course, a better way to handle it would be to track baselines for the VM/Host metrics. :-)  I added a comment to that effect here: Incorporate baseline into more charts


              2) I don't have access to the XML on the web server, I'd have to go through our Operations Department and have them make those changes. Given their workload, I don't see this ever happening. I think making the names more consistent is something that should be done as a minor tweak in the next release. But I've added a feature request to make the chart order configurable through the UI: Provide a UI for changing the order of charts on the Resources tabs


              3) What about the anomalies I noted in the progression of default alerting thresholds?
              I don't think the current defaults are logical, and I'd like to see a way to change them globally. I therefore created this: Create a UI for changing the default Warning and Critical values for a resource metric globally