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    DPA Database Instance Monitor Errors




      I'm starting to experience DPA Database Instance Monitor Errors when the monitored SQL Server is under a high load and users are experiencing timeouts.


      I'm getting the message:

      Monitor for database [WG-SQL] failed in job [QuickPollJob] due to [The query has timed out.]. Will attempt to retry every [60] seconds...


      Is this something to worry about ?

        • Re: DPA Database Instance Monitor Errors

          If you go to your logs: <install_dir>\iwc\tomcat\logs and open contime.csv in a spreadsheet, filter it by the instance/database ID you are seeing the error in

          • "select id, name from cond" (against your repo)

          AND by quickpoll* jobs.


          We will attempt to execute 600 QPs in a 10 minute period. I consider about 80 - 85% of successful executions statistically valid - so anything north of let's call it around 500. If your successful executions at times dips below 500, you may want to open a support case and dig a bit deeper. If it is a highly active instance or unresponsive for any reason, these can time out.