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    Set ticket fields in WHD via email


      Is it possible to use some special email formatting to allow an email to create a ticket and set different fields on the ticket?  This is something we can do with our current system so I was curious if that is possible with WHD?

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          I would think you could do that with Action Rules, but it would need to be pretty specific.


          IF <look for specific keyword> then change this field to <whatever you want to set the field to be>.

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            I dont believe the email triggers / tags will alter or set a request type,

            but there are many other things they can do if used in email templates or manually entered into an email subject line;


            Action: Tech update - Adding notes
            Hidden: Yes or No for client visibility
            Status: Open, close, pending etc.
            Email Client: if you want the clients to receive the email
            Reassign: Reassign to another tech
            Minutes worked: place minutes worked
            Billing rate: make changes to the billing rate.

            On top of this, you can use the items below as a guide:

            Action:Cancel - client ticket cancellation
            Action:Update - client add note
            Action:ConfirmResolution - client confirmation
            Action:RejectResolution - client confirmation

            Action:ApproveTicket - tech approval process
            Action:DenyTicket - tech approval process
            Action:TechUpdate - tech update
            Action:TechDelete - tech delete ticket

            The example in the excerpt below also show the available items that you can use to set variables in WHD via the subject line.

            - Ticket:12345 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status:Pending EmailClient:NO Reassign:techemail@domain.com

            Hidden: YES or NO - if the update should be visible to the client
            EmailClient: YES or NO - if an email notification should be sent to the client
            VisibleToRequester: YES or NO - if the approval answer should be visible to the client (only works for tickets with approval process)

            Also to change the status of the ticket via tech email:
            - Ticket: 12345 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status:Open EmailClient:YES

            Status: can be Open, Resolved, Cancelled, Closed, Pending (or any custom status that you added in WHD).

            You do not need to include the other parameters such as Hidden or EmailClient. Just the ticket number and, tech update action and the status parameters are sufficient.

            - Ticket: 12345 Action:TechUpdate Status:Open

            Also as additional note, no space should be typed between the word "ticket:" and the number, otherwise a new ticket will be generated.

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              I confirmed with support that this is not currently possible.  There is a feature request for this HERE that I voted for.