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    Calling All Huawei Geeks!


      Hopefully you noticed Huawei mentioned on the What We're Working on for NPM (Updated March 17th, 2017):


      • Improved Huawei Device Support - Starting with AR and NE series routers, followed by S1700, S2700, S5700, and S77xx series switches.


      To provide the best support, we need many SNMP walks as examples of these Huawei devices being used in production environments.  If you have one of these device types you can help us while also ensuring we QA the improvements against your specific devices!


      Our SNMP walk tool outputs in a format that can be used by tooling we've built to automatically test compatibility.  For that reason, I'd ask you use that tool specifically to take the walk.  Instructions here.  You can upload here.


      Thank you!