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    Flow storage server shows weird in VMware


      We have about 70 servers in 4 VMware hosts. All the others seem to show correctly in Orion Virtualization summary, but somehow FSDB server shows guest status "critical". It's running ok and collecting data, so problem is not probably in server itself, but how Orion handles it. And why just FSDB, and not some other server that doesn't have anything to do with Orion? Just coincidence?


      Edit: When I click over red ball (trying to go inside guest) Orion tells "Node not managed". But it is managed. When I press "yes, manage this node" everything goes well until Orion informs that node is already managed. How I could tell Virtualization module that everything is really ok?!? I've tried to remove computer from monitoring, add it manuallyetc. but that didn't help.


      Edit 2: Rebooting Orion server helped! (rebooting FSDB didn't)