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    Importing Supernets is randomly skipping supernets




      I have tried multiple times the following process:


      - Download the sample file for importing groups/subnets/supernets into IPAM

      - Remove unnecessary columns, leaving only the following columns:  Address/CIDR, Type, Display Name, Description, Mask

      - 8 rows - a /16 split up into 8 /19's.

      - Import Spreadsheet option in IPAM

      - Select Groups/Supernets/Subnets

      - Select "IPAM will automatically create subnet hierarchy based on information provided." (although if i pick the other option, there is no change in the result)

      - It says it successfully imported 8 rows


      When i open up the /16 supernet that already existed, expected to see my eight /19's, I only see 5 of them. The .64.0/16, the .128.0/16, and the .224.0/16 are missing, nowhere to be found.


      Does anybody have any idea what's going on here, why is IPAM not importing some supernets?


      This is IPAM version 4.0