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    XML parser still working?


      Hi, we have an XML parser custom written in C#. It connects to the Orion API, retrieves a string, parses it, and populates a SQL table with the results. It was my understanding that the API has switched over from XML to JSON. I am wondering why the parser still works perfectly and if there are any changes upcoming that will cause it to break.


      I cannot reveal any of the code due to a confidentiality agreement, but there is nothing in it that has anything to do with JSON. Everything is done with XML (XDocument, XElement, XmlTextReader, etc.)

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          The API has added a JSON option. The XML option has not been removed and still works the same way it has in the past. New entities and verbs are supported in both formats.


          I have been steering new users to the JSON endpoint as it is generally easier to work with, but the XML version is still present and we have no plans to remove it.

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