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    Additional Webserver


      Good morning!


      We recently got the secondary webserver so that we can set up an external view for our Orion setup.  I'm still fiddling with some of it, but I'm running into an issue with the Virtualization Manager - namely, we don't want that to be part of our external Orion website, but it seems to have installed automatically when we did the NPM install.  We still need Virtualization Manager to stay integrated with the main Orion server and be accessible to anybody who goes to that site, but we don't want it to be an option if somebody connects externally.


      I found this link regarding removing it:  Uninstall Virtualization Manager

      But that seems a little dangerous (that 'also deletes the database' part especially), and when I started going through it the settings all seem to deal with our main server, and not the external one.


      I also found this link:  Uninstall the SolarWinds Integrated Virtual Infrastucture Monitor (IVIM) - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

      But when I go through that process on the second webserver I get a warning that uninstalling it will break the Orion products.


      Does anybody have any experience with this situation?  I'd just like to be a little more certain I'm not going to break things before trying to remove it from our secondary server.

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          i'm not sure what your secondary web-server is. Is it only additional website? or do you have 2 separated servers/main pollers, each with own database?
          Since VIM is part of NPM, uninstalling VIM from NPM is not officially supported scenario, so we can't guarantee that everything will be working fine (but there is a non-zero chance that it will).


          I think that there is a couple of workarounds:

          - You can just remove Virtualization tab from menu

          - You can just leave credentials for virtualization entities empty

          - Or there is another option - account permissions - you can edit account and there is a section VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE MONITOR SETTINGS

          Here you can change views for "None", so users won't get access to these pages


          Do you have integration with VMAN?