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    Provision WSUS Server for Publishing Wizard error


      I have tried to provision my WSUS server so that I can begin using it for 3rd party updating.


      The provisioning process is complete. handleremoteinstallation failed. Access is denied.

      ewException caught: [RemoteInstall::checkservice() failed. Access is denied.

      Successfully copied service exe to target.

      ewException caught: [remoteinstallationclient::installservice() failed.

      Unable to open the SCM or create the service. Error: 5],

      File: remote installation client cinterfaceimpl.cpp, Line: 316 ],

      File: remote installation client cinterfaceimpl.cpp, Line: 427


      Has anybody see this error?


      This is what I have done already:

      Cleared out the two registry keys and changed the "ewdgssvc" password, to include the database.

      Ensured that the "ewdgssvc" account can "Logon as a Service".

      Made sure that the "ewdgssvc" account in the local administrators in the Local Users and Groups.

      Checked the Local Policy User Rights Policy and Security options.

      Made sure that "ewdgssvc" had full rights on the certificates.


      Thanks for taking a look at this.