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    Aborting command entry due to command error

    Eric Louie

      I have a problem with a device in configuration mode.


      I try to apply 2 commands and one is applied ok, the 2nd one does not seem to work.


      Here's the sequence:

      Waiting for command prompt

      Waiting for an echo of system-view command

      Waiting for an echo of super command

      Waiting for an echo of acl number 2003

      [Then a 33 second pause]

      Stopping Activity.


      Here are the 2 commands

      acl number 2003

      rule 110 permit source 0


      Here's what it looks like when I paste it into the device

      [sysname-1]acl number 2003

      Info: When the ACL that is referenced by SACL is modified, the SACL will be dynamically updated. During the update, these SACL will become invalid temporarily.

      [sysname-1]rule 110 permit source 0


      Thanks for your help