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    "Permission Required" setting didn't require permission after reboot


      I just had an interesting experience with a machine. When I first logged via the mini remote control, I was granted permission. During the course of our troubleshooting, the machine was rebooted. After I was told it was restarting, I began MRC Pinging the machine to have it automatically connect. Which it did. Without requiring permission from the user.


      This is concerning.



      My second thought was that maybe it began the connection before the login to windows was complete, and maybe this is how the Permission Required setting works, allowing me to start work with the user there and continue after a reboot if the user leaves.


      So, is it true that if there is no one logged in, permission is not required?


      If it is, it does present a security hole in that I could connect to any machine where permission *is* required before the user is logged in (using MRC Ping) and they'd not necessarily know I was there once they did log in.