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    What metrics are you reporting to the business?


      Was wondering what metrics and KPIs you are reporting to the business with WHD?  We are not a large company and I've never been asked for this detail before but our new CIO wants them.  I'd be interested to know how people are calculating 1st call resolution percentage and any other metrics\KPIs you track.

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          Greetings! We capture a lot of data in various KPI and business health dashboards:


          Active Tickets:

          • Pie: Tickets by Status
          • Bar: Tickets by Priority (break-outs-by-type for Critical, Urgent, and High)
          • Stacked Bar: Tickets by Location
          • Pie: Tickets by Business Unit
          • Bar: Average Ticket Age by Business Unit
          • Bar: Highest Volume Tickets by Type


          Closed Tickets:

          • Exploded Pie: Tickets by Priority
          • Filled Vertical Bar Heatmap: Time to Closure in Business Days
          • Bar: Total Closed Tickets by Business Unit
          • Stacked Bar: Total Closed by Location
          • Bar: Average Time to Closure by Priority


          We also provide these reports for each manager within each business unit so that they have daily snapshots of systemic issues or stagnating tickets. These reports include a unique "tickets assigned to my business unit's request types but being worked by a technician that is not my direct"...managers often lose visibility of those tickets but are still held accountable for them so this helps to illuminate those before they become issues.



          I hope this information was helpful!

          Very Respectfully,
          Eric Lee

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