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    Are you running NTA 3.11?


      Are you still running NTA 3.11?  If so, I'd like to chat and understand why.  Please email me (jeff.stewart@solarwinds.com) if you're open to having a conversation.



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          We want to upgrade our NTA system to 4.2.2, I understand from the documents, first of all we need to upgrade the NPM system to 12.X versions.


          Also NTA storage db server and NTA application server both are on 64 bits and NTA Storage DB server firstly needs to be upgraded before upgradation of NTA application server however I am seeing this on upgradation blog, Please note that if you upgrade from NTA 3.11 to NTA 4.0 there is a major database architecture change that requires careful consideration before upgrading. If your system is not prepared for this change please stay on NTA 3.11. You can find more information on NTA 4.x requirements below.

          NTA 4.x Installation: Frequently Asked Questions


          Can you please put some light and your expert views on this as I am not able to understand what we have to prepare?