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      I cannot get Patch Manager to detect needed iTunes updates on the clients.


      Currently, (x64) is installed on the clients. I have Apple Application Support 5.4.1 (x64) (from Mar 28) published and it successfully updated that module on all the clients. This is what I understand to be a prerequisite for detecting needed iTunes updates on the clients.


      iTunes (x64) is published and approved, but PM is not detecting the clients needing the update.


      Am I missing something else?

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          • Which of the 4 possible packages are you publishing?
            • iTunes (x86)
            • iTunes (x86) (upgrade)
            • iTunes (x64)
            • iTunes (x64) (upgrade)
          • Are the machine(s) you are targeting Workstations?


          It is sometimes really hard to determine what is the 'culprit' when machines are reporting an update as Not Applicable.   With the 3rd party stuff, since the Windows Update Agent doesn't tell you which rule caused the Not Applicable, it is usually just a matter of methodically going through the Prerequisite and Applicability rules and validating whether the condition is true on the target machine.

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              I am upgrading iTunes on workstations and have published the iTunes (x64) (upgrade) package. I only have 64-bit iTunes installations. The detection worked fine the last time after I learned how to publish the Apple Application Support package properly.


              Right now I have Apple Application Support 5.4.1 (x64) (upgrade) published and it successfully detected and updated that module on the clients, but it won't do the same for iTunes package upgrade.


              I don't have many iTunes installations though, so I may not fool with it too much.

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                  It's a pain but i'd suspect that if you want to figure it out you'll need to pick one of your machines which is showing it as Not Applicable, then look at each of the Applicability rules to see if each one of them is true for that machine.

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                If I remember correctly, I think you need the apple application support for BOTH 64 and 32 bit installed on the workstations before Itunes will be detected as applicable. It has been a while since I have had to update that application. Just a suggestion.