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    How can we monitor live socket connections?

    Prayag Pal

      Client has an IT System where application functions are quite distributed among several servers and these servers keep making several socket connections to each other to have regular application data exchange as well as do other activities.

      Most of these connections are critical in nature and when these connections don't occur (for various reasons) it initiates a situation that leads to cascaded system failures.

      Simply monitoring whether a server responds to specific ports/sockets isn't practical 'cause a port being up doesn't mean much unless required socket connection is established between required hosts. For performance and security purpose, these connections are at times limited to only single connection or allowed to be established only from specific hosts.

      Client right now performs random check manually by running netstat command and see if the required connections are established or not.

      Their requirement is, since Solarwinds NPM & SAM is monitoring all the windows hosts, is it possible to monitor these live socket connections and based on the findings take necessary actions.