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    How to remove SQL servers from my top 10 list.


      After rebuilding solarwinds I went for a sleeker, simpler look.


      I have basically:

      - Groups

      - top 10 nodes CPU

      - top 10 nodes Hard drive usage.

      - top 10 nodes Memory


      Most of this list is filled by SQL - which is acceptable, but as I know SQL will always use High CPU - is there a way to remove these servers?  I'd like it so that you never see anything that you know will always be of high CPU/memory usage,

      My only options are:


      Remove the node (NO)

      Create a custom chart that removes the SQL portion of CPU's used/other stuff.


      Or never have it displayed.

      If anyone has managed to do this then that would be appreciative to know this.


      Thanks in advanced.