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    Solarwinds \ ServiceNow Integration




      We're testing the integration between Solarwinds and ServiceNow in our QA environment and almost everything is working very well so far.


      One issue that we're having, and that I've been unable to find a way around thus far, is with the integration creating new incidents when alerts and actions are being triggered on nodes that have in the past generated an incident.


      For example: we have a node (router) at site A...the integration is set to create a ServiceNow incident after node A is down for 10 minutes. This works perfectly well, we get an incident when node A is down for the specified time and we get all the information we want ported into ServiceNow, no problem.


      The issue comes about when, for example, we close the incident in ServiceNow related to node A being down. This removes that incident from visibility in our queue and moves it to resolved. Now, say node A goes down again one week later. Instead of spinning up a new, unique incident, the current integration is writing to the work notes in the old, existing incident. This could be fine (though it would not be ideal) except the problem is that Solarwinds is not updating the state of the incident to 'open' and thus moving it back to visibility in our queue.


      I suspect this is associated with the reset actions in the integration, but I've tried several different combinations of reset action and none have fixed the issue.


      Anyone with experience getting the integration functioning fully have any insight?


      Much appreciated!